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Patio Umbrella

"This is perfect for a patio to provide some shade. It seems like a nice quality and is easy to open by cranking the handle. I wanted a smaller umbrella to fit under my roof and this works nicely. It fits into my patio table so I didn’t need a separate stand. The red is a nice bright shade."


10x10 Pop up Canopy

"this canopy is excellent. I don't believe there is a better canopy on the market for the price. If you need something very lightweight and not very heavy duty, then look elsewhere. If you want something that will actually last, built on a true steel frame, get this canopy." Heather Phillips

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Hoverboard seat attachment

“If you are terrified to stand on your hover board because you've watched so many YouTube videos of people falling and breaking their bones...this is the attachment for you! My hover board has been sitting in the spare room for months and I wanted something that would allow me to use it without being fearful of falling and hurting myself.” Lyndsey

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